Writers Cramp
     Writers Cramp is a writers group that has been meeting in West Seattle for a number of years. Our focus is science fiction and fantasy, but we are open to exploring and helping with virtually every other form of fiction. Our members include Clarion West graduates and a winner of the Writers of the Future Contest.

     We are looking for writers and aspiring writers in Seattle and environs who are interested in improving their skills in a constructive and friendly atmosphere. All are welcome. Our focus is getting published. Our style of review follows the Clarion style. We hand out our manuscripts the meeting before it is to be reviewed. At the next meeting each reviewer gets his say without interruption and then the author gets his chance to respond without interruption. At least, this is how it works in theory. The important thing to remember is that we critique words on paper and not people. And we try to have fun.

     We are not an internet based group. The pressures of other responsibilities preclude us from taking on that focus. If you just want to discuss the writing life and want to do it via the internet, you might want to check out Writer's Notebook. This site has at least several writers from Australia, one from Israel and quite a few North Americans making regular visits. There are also other groups listed on forwriters.com  that might work as online writers groups for you.

     If you're interested in joining Writers Cramp, email Writers Cramp care of writerscramp@forwriters.com

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