I in no way endorse any of the links here, but provide these as is. Some will prove useful, some may not, but inasmuch as I have no way to check these out, buyer beware is appropriate here as always. If anyone has positive or negative experiences from any of these or discovers that they charge readers fees and have other concerns please email me so I can note them here or if the problems are too great, remove them.
        The necessity of an agent prior to your first published book is somewhat debatable depending on the genre, while in other genres there is no choice except to have an agent. In this you are well advised to peruse the magazines geared to writing, the conventions in your genre and other avenues to find out what the state of the publishing industry is at the point at which you are trying to sell your manuscript. Being knowledgable about the business of writing is part of what it is to be a professional writer. Good luck

    • Creative Script Services anounces itself as being an intermediary betweenthe screnwriter and producers. The charges for this service range from $50 to $350 prepaid.
    • The Richard Curtis Associates, Inc. is a literary agency and their website is where you can find out what kind of projects they are interested in.
    • Jim Cypher Author's Represenative indicates that he is not a fee charging agent. Check out his web page and his FAQ for details.
    • Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency describe themselves having 'been in business for over 17 years and are a member of AAR. We accept unsolicited submissions and, of course, do not charge a reading fee.' Check out their web site for details.
    • Jennifer Jackson of the Donald Maas Literary Agency is interested in submissions from writers. She indicates in her FAQ that she does not charge readers fees and finds them questionable by their very nature.
    • The McHugh Literary Agency describes itself as 'I am only looking for book length material, 50.000 words and up. I handle 65% nonfiction, 35% fiction. Open to most nonfiction subjects - I will look at proposals. Fiction books must be completed. I'm primarily interested in old-fashioned Mysteries and Historical and Mainstream novels, but will consider other categories. Please, no SF/Fantasy/Horror, Poetry or Children's books. Query first by Email: Be professional.'
    • Raab Associates specializes marketing children's and parenting books.
    • Saskatoon Literary Agency is seeking writers. They do charge a $200 marketing fee for phone calls, photocopying and so on, and 15% when a contract is signed. The marketing fee is refundable when the book sells.
    • Studio B specializes in representing the computer book author. Their main Studio B site has a wealth of information about this area and subscription information to a mailing list for computer book authors as well.
    • The Zack Company, Inc.has a new name and a new location. They continue to be interested in new writers and have a 15% commission on US domestic sales and higher for other markets. Check their web page for details.
    • Waterside Productions Inc. is a literary agency that specializes in electronic rights and authors who specialize in computer books. Founded in 1982, they report on their web site that since that time 'Since that time, more than 5,000 contracts have been negotiated with over one hundred publishers.'

      Other Lists of Agents

    • Agent Query describes iteself as offering writers a literary touchstone. They voice an interest in wanting 'every writer posing as an accountant, office manager, bus driver, police officer, housewife, flight attendant, or juvenile delinquent to know that their story has a chance to be something more than a shameful, indulgent escape— pages hidden in desk drawers that only see the light of day in whimsical dreams of publication.' Check it out and see if it works for you.
    • The SFWA page for Warnings and Cautions for Writers is a must check point for all kinds of issues with respect to agents, Electronic Issues, book doctors and vanity press. Before making any decision in any of these areas I strongly recommend a visit to this site.
    • Inkspot's Market List has some excellent information on what to look out for and what to discuss with a potential agent .
    • The WritersNet Literary Agents Page is an excellent resource providing search by a variety of categories including name, location and more.

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