•  I am finally able to devote some time to begin updating I thank all of you who have continued visiting. In the near future I will check all links and rationalize some of the pages to reflect changing interests in the publishing industry and continued growth of those inspired by their muse to explore their abilities as writers.

  •   A whole new Writers Notebook

    Since its inception on April 2, 1996, the Writer's Notebook has been a singular component of even before it finalized on its current name as Recently, problems with the server prompted the creation of whole new and greatly more robust Notebook. To check out what past discussions on the Notebook have been you can visit the Archive area. Or, just go directly to the Notebook and begin exploring what others are saying and interested in about the writing life.

  • If you would like to be kept updated on new links, opportunities or news relating to both and writing in general please consider joining our newsletter. This will reach your email once a month or less as time permits. We some apologies I will have to admit that time has not permitted me to get started on the newsletter in the past year, but will be starting it up in the next months. So, if you do not see anything immediately, please be patient.
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